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Impacted Canines

3D rendered xray of an impacted wisdom tooth butting against the tooth next to it.Impacted canines sound like you should hurry home because your dog is in trouble. Is that what you think when we tell you that your canines are impacted? We can’t blame you, because we think about games too.

Senestraro Family Orthodontics always thinks about dogs too when we mention canines. Whether you believe us or not, you actually do have canines in your mouth. You have two top canine teeth, and two bottom canine teeth. Even though they are not the most numerous teeth you have, canines are the most common teeth that get impacted. Not sure where your canines are, or how they could get impacted? Keep reading. We have some information for you about impacted canines.

What Are Canine Teeth?

The canine teeth are also called cuspids. People call cuspids fangs as well, because they are the pointiest teeth you have in your mouth. People also call them eye teeth, because the teeth are located below the eyes. It doesn’t matter what you decide to call canine teeth, they are different from any other teeth in your mouth. The root system of canine teeth are the longest and thickest of any other teeth in your mouth. Researchers think that the reason those canine roots are so long and thick is because of how canine teeth are used. You use your canine teeth every day to tear and chew difficult foods, such as apples or steak. Because canine teeth are so important, they are some of the last teeth to come in. You get your permanent set of canine teeth around puberty.

What Happens When a Canine Tooth Gets Impacted?

When a canine tooth is impacted, it is not infected - even though that sometimes happens. Instead, an impacted tooth means that the tooth is stuck inside your jawbone, or just underneath your gum. Sometimes, canine teeth become impacted because they are being blocked by another tooth in your mouth. The canine teeth can also refuse to erupt from your gumline. There are many people who think that canine teeth, like wisdom teeth, can be removed from your mouth without any trouble. However, that is not the case. Wisdom teeth are not needed, but canine teeth are needed for you to chew effectively.

How Impacted Canines Are Treated

We treat impacted canines depending on what is causing the impaction. If your canine is impacted because there are teeth in the way that are making it difficult for them to erupt from your gums, we will take out one or more of your teeth. There are also times that your canines can’t erupt because of overcrowding. We could extract teeth to give them room to grow.

Do you have questions about your canines? We can help. Give Senestraro Family Orthodontics a call at (503) 917-5352. Let us talk to you about your canine problem, because we can find ways to be sure your canines are working properly, and you will be able to enjoy your canines for years to come.
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