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Early Orthodontics

Young girl with glasses wearing bracesHave you taken your kids to the playground, ball field, or skating rink lately? If you have, you have probably talked to a few parents. It seems to us that when parents get together, their concern is always for their children and their health. This conversation includes the health of their teeth, as well. As your child grows up, you and your parent group may be having conversations about the care of teeth. That’s because parents begin to wonder about their child’s orthodontic health when they are in elementary school.

Some parents don’t even begin to worry about taking their child to the orthodontist until they are in middle school. But if you take your child earlier, you may find that your child’s orthodontic problems can be treated earlier than you think. In many cases, we can begin treatment for orthodontic problems in middle to late childhood. Earlier treatment saves you - and your child - time and money. Give Senestraro Family Orthodontics a minute to talk to you about the benefits of early orthodontic care.

Why Early Orthodontic Care Is Important

Once your child’s permanent teeth have begun to come in, you may be worried about how their new teeth look in their mouths. Perhaps the teeth are crooked. They might also be poorly spaced. You might also be worried about their bite. If you have questions about your child’s teeth, you can take them in for a checkup for orthodontic care.

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that if parents are concerned about their children’s teeth, they should be seen by an orthodontist around 7 years of age. At 7 years old, children benefit from an orthodontic checkup, because their permanent teeth are coming in. Children will still have a mix of baby and permanent teeth, but orthodontists can begin to see problems with their teeth or their bite.

What Happens at a Checkup?

If you take your child for an orthodontic checkup, we look at your child’s teeth and their bite, as well as their jaws. There are several problems we are looking for. One problem we look for is with the positioning of the teeth. We need to see if there might be a problem with their bite as well. A child’s teeth might be coming in on top of other teeth if their mouth is crowded. Their teeth might not be spaced properly either. Orthodontic exams are painless, so there’s no need to worry.

Why Early Treatment?

If we can treat orthodontic problems early, it is helpful. We can catch and treat small problems before they become bigger ones. If we can spot a problem in your child’s mouth and work on it over time with an appliance, your child may not need additional orthodontic work when they are adolescents. If they do, the treatment won’t last as long. If you wait until your child is a teenager to seek orthodontic care, they may face a longer treatment.

Do you have questions about your child’s teeth? Are you concerned they may need orthodontic care? Why not give Senestraro Family Orthodontics a call at (503) 917-5352? We would love to talk to you about the benefits of early orthodontic care.
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