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Braces for Kids and Teens

A girls in red glasses smiling with braces.Parenthood is made of milestone moments. Parents love milestones and work to endlessly catalog the milestones of their children - not that any of us are any different. However, one milestone we’re not too excited about is the one where we get to record our kids discomfort under a mouthful of heavy metal. While this is the image in your head, you might want to know that times have changed. The earlier you get your kid in to see us, the easier the orthodontic treatment will be. In fact, if we start treatment early, your child may have to wear braces briefly, if they wear them at all. Did you know that children can begin orthodontic care at 7 years of age? Did you know that even braces are now made differently? Let Senestraro Family Orthodontics give you some facts about braces for children and teenagers.

Why Do Kids and Teens Need Braces?

There are many reasons why kids and teens need braces, and many of them are the same reasons adults need braces. Many children and teens get braces to correct bite problems. Kids and teens also get braces to correct teeth that are crooked, or if they have crowded teeth or teeth that are poorly spaced. Parents used to think they needed to wait to seek treatment for their children when they get older. However, researchers have noted that the earlier a child If treatment, the better the outcome. Because children’s mouths are still growing, problems with teeth and spacing are easier to fix, because children’s teeth move more easily. Children’s treatments don’t have to be as invasive as treatment later in life. The duration of treatment is also a lot shorter.

How Do I Know When Orthodontics Might Be Necessary?

While you are able to tell a lot about your child from just looking at them, determining whether or not they need braces is not one of those things. You will need to bring your child in for a consultation, and we would be able to determine their need for orthodontics. There are a few signs you can look for as a parent. Did your child lose teeth very early or very late? They might need care. Your child might also need care if they spent years sucking on their thumbs or a pacifier. Children who snore or breathe through their mouths may need to be seen as well. You may hear noises when your child eats, such as a shift or a popping sound - this needs to be looked at. You may be able to see unequal spacing of teeth or teeth that are unusually crowded, which need to be looked at as well.

Braces are different now. Teenagers can wear invisible aligners to straighten their teeth. Metals are lighter as well, which makes them less noticeable.

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