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All about Braces

Beautiful woman smiling with braces and pointing to her mouth.There’s a pretty good chance you or someone you know needs braces. Researchers say that over 4 million of us in the US either have braces or are about to get braces. Twenty-five percent of people who are going to get braces are adults. Maybe you are sure that you want to fix your teeth, but you aren’t sure what fixing your teeth looks like? Senestraro Family Orthodontics can give you more information about braces.

Why Braces?

We can use braces to fix a lot of problems people have with their teeth. Many people who wear braces got them to fix bite problems. Adults with a normal bite pattern have top teeth that fit naturally over their lower teeth. Your upper and lower teeth should match each other when your mouth is closed. Those teeth should be touching in the back of your mouth, as well. Many people have trouble with their bites. It may be because their upper teeth come too far down over their lower teeth, which is called an overbite. Your upper teeth might fall behind their lower teeth, which is called an underbite. You might also have a crossbite, where your teeth don’t match up when you close your mouth.

Braces are also used to fix other problems with your teeth that aren’t bite related. There are many people that have teeth that are too crowded. Their teeth might be so overcrowded they are located in front of each other. Some patients have teeth that aren’t spaced properly. They may have too much room between some teeth, and not enough room between others. Patients could have teeth rotating - or turning - too far in a single direction. All of these problems can be fixed with braces.

All about braces

Is There More Than One Kind of Braces?

While you may only see one kind of braces in the movies, there are several different kinds of braces for orthodontic patients. Whether you qualify for braces or not depends on the problems you are having. Braces are made out of metal, ceramic, or even plastic brackets. Those brackets are glued to the front of your teeth, and then wires are threaded between the brackets. The wires between the brackets are tightened according to a treatment plan. Traditional braces can be used for children or adults.

We may use lingual braces as well. Lingual braces consist of the same brackets and wires as traditional braces have, but they are behind the teeth rather than in front of teeth. Lingual braces are only used for adults. Usually, lingual braces are used when you have a few problems with your teeth that need to be fixed. Lingual braces are for both the top and the bottom of your teeth. There is also a type of braces that uses clips on braces instead of wires or bands. There are also braces which have floating wires, which are thinner and lighter than traditional braces.

Do you need braces? Is there a family member in your life who might need braces? Give Senestraro Family Orthodontics a call today at (503) 917-5352.
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